Alice’s and Bob’s Journey with ModulTrade – Act 2 Bob Start Selling Products

Bob the merchant has decided to place his products on MT Market to start selling worldwide. The e-commerce platform is free of charge and is simple to use compared to other e-commerce platforms where Bob would have to pay to place his products. ModulTrade also grants a total power over his offers, without any restriction and he doesn’t even need a bank account or credit card to start trading.


He begins by looking at the most recent offers on MT Market to understand the buyers’ perspective and visit a few pages of proposals. This exercise provides him with a general understanding of how his products will be presented and how other sellers market their products.

Bob discovers three interesting functionalities of MT Market. The first one is the Seller Reputation Value, which seems to represent the trustworthiness and the level of professionalism of the seller.

Bob also sees that some products are labelled “hot offers”, “editor’s choice” or both. He thinks this marketing detail is adding more visibility to the offers and decides to contact MT team to know more about the conditions required to have these labels.

The third feature our merchant notices is a discount that appears on some pages of the proposal. He decides to put a 15% discount on the seasonal products that are going to be placed on MT Market.

Bob now feels ready to start selling his products. He clicks on “Sell your product” and start filling the information that is going to appear on his offers. He uses the description field to explain the distinctive characteristics of his products and how they could be used. He uploads several pictures of them and labels them in the relevant categories.

While setting up the price of his product, Bob discovers that his customers can benefit from an extra 10% bonus to his price, offered by MT, if he chooses to select MTRc as the currency for this trade. His customers would benefit from a lower price while he would get the integrality of the payment. Happy to oblige, Bob selects the MTRc option knowing he will be able to exchange them for fiat money whenever he desires.

The delivery process generates unexpected challenges. After selecting the delivery price and logistic company for local delivery, Bob realizes he does not know which logistic company to choose for international delivery. He notices the container option, which enables him to exclude the logistic agent information for his proposal by simply entering the dimension of the merchandise. Bob thinks it is a good idea to be able to think about it later and to wait to know the product’s destination to consider it in the choice of the logistic company.

After filling up the payment and delivery information, Bob confirms his proposals and clicks on “Start selling!”. This also confirms the conditions of the smart contracts related to the proposals.

Our merchant then contacts MT Support on Telegram to know how to obtain the “hot offers” label on his products. MT Support team quickly puts him in contact with a member of MT marketing team who delivers guidance on the best labelling option related to his product.

Bob checks that his offers are correctly displayed on MT Market and feels proud to have completed this initiative. He cannot wait to be notified for his first sale.

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