Alice’s and Bob’s Journey with ModulTrade – Act 3 – Alice, the local tea set from Russia and the smartphone

Alice discovers MT Market and purchases a Tea Set with ETH and a smartphone via credit card. She discusses her product with the seller via MT Connect and provides feedback on her experience.

Alice is looking for a gift and starts browsing the internet. She is seeking a rare or handmade product which would make her gift simultaneously precious and useful. She knows there are artisanal products on MT Market and clicks on the “Art and Handcraft” category. She adjusts the filters to easily identify the products matching her criteria and finds several interesting products.

Alice compares the different offers and chooses to purchase a beautiful blue Russian tea set, painted by hand and decorated following one of the Russian traditions. She makes sure to check the terms of delivery to be certain to offer it on time and the seller reputation value to confirm the seller’s professionalism. She clicks on “Buy with MT” and confirms the quantity, delivery address and total price of the order in 3 clicks. Alice, fortunately, owns a certain amount of ETH, which is the currency the seller of the Tea Set established as a payment. Under other conditions, Alice knows she could have used MT Exchange services to exchange her MTRc for ETH, or to simply buy them for the current exchange rate in euros.

The moment Alice confirmed her commitment to this order, the smart contract binding her and the seller of the Tea Set was created and signed. With one click, Alice transfers the money from her MT Wallet to this smart contract. A notification is sent to the seller and the smart contract appears on both accounts, seller and buyer, so the seller can enter the tracking number of the order and informs the buyer of the current delivery status.

Alice is quite happy with her first transaction on MT Market and clicks on one of the hot offers that are advertised on the top of the page, a smartphone with a current 10% discount. She already owns an old smartphone but she thinks she could purchase one recently launched if the price is interesting enough for her. She screens the offer conditions which suggest a good deal. Yet she would like to have more information about this smartphone before committing to the purchase.

She decides to contact the seller of the smartphone through MT Connect on MT Market. The seller starts to discuss with her, happy to answer her questions and indirectly promoting the smartphone on MT Market.

Few days later, Alice had time to reflect on her decision to purchase the smartphone. She decided to buy it and therefore clicks on “buy with MT” on the smartphone proposal. She confirms the transaction in 3 clicks and realizes she currently does not have enough cryptocurrency to buy her smartphone. However, ModulTrade offers Alice to use her credit card to execute the transaction and exchange her fiat money into the cryptocurrency required by the seller for the payment for free.

She quickly completes the transaction and notifies the seller of her choice on MT Market to potentially accelerate the transaction process. The seller directly informs her of the estimated delivery date and thanks her for the order.

In the following week, Alice receives her Tea Set and her smartphone at her door. She confirms the reception of the merchandise by signing the document in the logistic agent’s hands, which enables the payments to be immediately transferred from the smart contracts to the wallets of the sellers. A few days later, Alice receives a notification inviting her to provide feedback on the articles she received and on the sellers’ services. As her transactions provided a good experience for Alice, she writes positive feedback on both sellers. The feedback is then incorporated into the seller’s reputation value to contribute to an accurate evaluation.

In the next article: Alice becomes a Trade Agent

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