Alice’s and Bob’s Journey with ModulTrade – Act 4 – Alice becomes a trade agent

Based on recent purchases, Alice now understands how MT ecosystem works and decides to sell some items on MT Market. She learns that she can join the MT Trade Network Program and make money by becoming a Trade Agent.


The Tea Set and smartphone purchased on MT Market have convinced Alice of the concept performance. After understanding how it works from a buyer’s perspective, she would like to try to sell some products. She happens to have some attractive products in a limited edition which she doesn’t need anymore and which she thinks are highly valued by some people.

She goes on the MT Academy to understand how to best sell her products online and finds several tutorials on online international trading. There are also blockchain related articles which contain interesting information on the technology’s nature and its different applications. By browsing through the different articles and videos about ModulTrade’s services, Alice learns more about what she can do in ModulTrade’s ecosystem. She also discovers MT Trade Network Program and the arbitrage opportunities in international trading.

Curious, Alice reads about this program and realizes joining would be pertinent. This Trade Network program is relevant to everyone who would like to join the ecosystem and add new connections. It rewards the Trade agents through financial benefits and supports them in their projects. Alice reads about the different ways to make money through this program and sees various opportunities for her to exploit.

She already talked about ModulTade to her relatives who wanted to know where she got the tea set and her smartphone. With this program, she learns that she can invite her friends and family to join ModulTrade by simply sending them an invitation to create their account, using her referral link and gets financially rewarded for this.

She checks the conditions to become an MT Trade Agent and discovers joining this program is open for everyone who is serious about business. Other than inviting her connections to create an account on ModulTrade, Alice learns that there are several ways to make money as a Trade Agent. She can make money by opening her own webshop and placing products on MT Market, by identifying products benefiting from arbitrage opportunities and by inviting other trade agents.

Alice decides to try out this program. She knows plenty of people who could be interested in original products at a cheaper price. She also knows she could post products on behalf of local stores in her neighbourhood and make money from it, in addition to the products she originally wanted to sell.


In the next and last article of this series: Alice makes money as a new trade agent through the program’s opportunities

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