Alice’s and Bob’s Journey with ModulTrade – Act 5 – Alice starts out the different ways of how to make money as a trade agent, and also executes an arbitrage trade

Alice has now good experience with the MT platform and she has just recently decided to become an MT Trade Agent. In this article, she explores the different ways to make money with the MT Trade Network Program and by acting as a trade agent.


After deciding to become a Trade Agent, Alice sends her own referral link to her relatives. They can click on her link to create their account; every time somebody uses her referral link, ModulTrade gives a financial reward to Alice. She shares the word about the good deals on MT Market and, in this way, she helps her relatives to get better products at cheaper prices, and she gets money for it!

Alice still wants to sell some of her limited edition goods. After watching the tutorial on how to place products on MT Academy, she starts placing her products on the platform. She then browses for products which could have arbitrage opportunities with the help of the extensive Arbitrage guide. She chooses to start with the local businesses in her neighbourhood to help the development of her district. She lists all of them and browses through their offers to identify the best products to place online. Her main criteria include the originality of the products, their quality and their prices. Alice ends up by selecting 20 products from 3 stores located closely.

She decides to visit them physically to check if they would be interested in using MT Market as one of their selling channels. After explaining the concept to each of them, she onboards two owners of the stores. The other, though interested, was still hesitating and asked for a bit more time to think over the proposal of launching a new sales channel. Alice also takes advantage of talking with the store’s owners to verify their delivery and procurement conditions, specifically their inventories and the time it takes to purchase an item out of stock.

Alice sends her referral link to the two merchants interested in MT Market and posts the products from the third store on her own account. When somebody will purchase one of these products, Alice will first purchase the product from the relevant store and send it to the final buyer, acting as an intermediary. She is confident in her ability to sell these products on the MT Market as these products can generally be found at much higher prices abroad.

Alice is also confident that she can sell the products abroad and she can answer questions from potential buyers thanks to MT Connect, which is a chat application built-in MT Market that provides real-time autotranslation between the buyers and sellers.


With this, we have reached the conclusion of the story of Alice and Bob. We followed them through each step they took to become experts of the ModulTrade Platform and Ecosystem.

Would you like to follow their example? All of the information on how to make money as a trade agent is summarized in an MT Academy tutorial.

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