Fall of Ethereum and How to Better Use Your Cryptocurrency with ModulTrade

What is happening in the crypto world? How to save your assets? MT Market is the best for that issue!

Fall of Ethereum, what happened?

Ethereum (ETH) recently reached its lowest value in history, dropping under $200.

Provoking countless discussions and debates about this phenomenon, the cause of this fall is still unsure. Some crypto experts claim it is linked to the decrease of ICOs which usually involve ETH to buy brand-new tokens. Assuming this is the case, how can we be sure of the number of upcoming ICOs and that the value will increase? Better flip a coin!

Finding a way out

If some people are holding their ETH and hoping the price will go up again, others have, instead of undergoing, chosen to take actions by using their ETH to buy goods.

An opportunity to do so is spending your ETH on market places like ModulTrade’s digital marketplace, where you can find a range of luxury and technology products. Latest Apple AirPods, Michael Kors watches, drones or wireless chargers, you can now acquire them easily using ModulTrade’s MTRc tokens and ETH. It is never too early to start your Christmas shopping!

A platform for a seamless journey

Thanks to the ModulTrade wallet and exchange, it has never been so easy to exchange your ETH into MTRc. Huge step forward in the customer journey, these new ModulTrade features enable customers to do everything on the ModulTrade platform, from holding and exchanging their tokens to spend them on goods on the digital marketplace.

Changing the way we trade globally

ModulTrade is one of the first Blockchain based trade platforms developed to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by trading with freedom around the world. Using Blockchain technology, trade can now be executed through smartphones, tablets or desktop, with smart-contracts ensuring trusted transactions between both buyer and seller.

ModulTrade aims to promote growth and help traders find reliable counterparties from all over the world.

ModulTrade’s digital marketplace is part of the ModulTrade Value Ecosystem, which simplifies the international trade process and brings together all the different components.

Start today on the ModulTrade platform and change the way you use your cryptocurrencies. Discounts up to 20%!

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