How Stable Coins Revolutionize E-commerce

While the future of e-commerce would be blockchain-based, one barrier for wide adoption is price volatility that was recently experienced among tokens. A good solution for this problem is stable coins that aim to have an exchange rate a fiat currency close to 1. Augmint’s first digital token A-EUR is targeting a 1:1 exchange rate with EUR. This solution helps e-commerce stakeholders to get rid of exchange rate volatility while benefitting from a digital token that can be used on blockchain networks. ModulTrade is working in partnership with Augmint to bring this next-generation e-commerce solution to its community.



Blockchain-based e-commerce solutions are truly exciting as they provide a new approach to the old-fashioned scheme of buyer-seller relationships. Trust, the key component of trade was never easy or cheap to acquire. Trust between trade partners can develop after a long relationship or can be bought from intermediaries such as banks for some money. Blockchain-based solutions provide a novel solution to this trust issue by providing this key component on a network level. This is great news for smaller players who were so far excluded from international trade.

However, one caveat is that blockchain-based solutions require digital tokens to do transactions. And the price of these digital tokens can perform huge swings and fluctuate in a big way. This is difficult to manage from a business perspective and thus it represents a barrier to the adoption of these tokens. That is where stable coins provide great value. By knowing that the digital tokens that merchants accept hold a steady value makes doing business as easy as in the traditional way. Augmint’s first stable digital token is A-EUR, which is targeting a 1:1 exchange rate to EUR. And thanks to crypto-fiat gateway providers, it is possible to easily convert A-EUR to fiat EUR.

ModulTrade has been working together with Augmint to make the benefits of A-EUR available to its community. This will allow platform users to:

  • receive and send A-EUR for free in MT Wallet. MT Wallet is ModulTrade’s easy and secure solution for storing and transferring digital tokens such as BTC, ETH, MTRc or A-EUR.
  • buyers and sellers of the MT Market platform to use A-EUR in day-to-day transactions which will be very similar to doing business in EUR.  

This way every user will be able to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain-based e-commerce, while there will be no need to worry about token price volatility.


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