How to Make Money as an MT Trade Agent Part I – Arbitrage

MT Trade Network Program gives you the opportunity to establish a new source of income by becoming an MT Trade Agent and by building up your own trade network and profiting from trades.


This article shows you the process of how to make money on price arbitrage opportunities. (Arbitrage means making a profit on buying a product somewhere and selling it at a higher price somewhere else).

Step 1: Create a ModulTrade Account: your global web store is open within 2 minutes

Step 2: Find products (from merchants, producers, local internet shops) which you can buy in your region at a good price (get advice on MT Academy on how to choose products)

Step 3: Place products for sale. Add your profit margin and delivery costs to the price of the product and place offers on MT Market

Step 4: Promote your Sales

  1. Join ModulTrade community at Telegram or MT Connect: Trade Network Group (soon)
  2. Share the info about your unique offers and the links to them on MT Market
  3. You can make an Auction on the products you sell or make a discount

Step 5: You will receive a notice once the Buyer chooses your offer, creates a smart contract and transfers the money to it. Once approved, another notification will confirm the order purchase and the money will be reserved in the smart contract.

Step 6: Arrange product delivery to the Buyer. Buy the product if you don’t own it yet and send it via one of the available logistics companies. To confirm the shipment, enter the delivery tracking number on MT Market.

ModulTrade can provide crypto-financing to execute the trade. Here is how it works:

  • Modultrade provides financing through the Trade Network. The amount is provided in BTC, ETH or MTRc depending on your preference.
  • You can exchange this amount through our MT Trade Services into fiat money to purchase your good.
  • After having sold and shipped your good through MT Market, you will receive the payment as soon as the buyer receives the order.
  • Repay your credit with this payment. If you managed to sell at a higher price than the amount you borrowed for your credit, you made a profit!

Step 7: When the product is delivered, a message is sent from the logistics company that notifies the smart contract, which transfers the reserved money immediately to your account in MT Wallet.

That is one way to profit from being an MT Trade Agent. We strongly advise browsing the continuously expanding MT Academy for further articles on arbitrage and the MT Trade Network Program.

What are you waiting for? Create your MT Account and become an MT Trade Agent now!

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