How to make money on the arbitrage via Internet

Nowadays it’s becoming more and more troublesome to earn money from the online trade.

Many stores released their marketplaces and set up presence in the worldwide web dictating the terms of trade and charging extraordinary fees that won’t make you happy but probably leave a tiny chance to live from hand to mouth and make the ends meet.

At such extreme conditions and pretty hostile environment, «the lucky trader» has little chance to foster and flourish financially.

Even though he knows all nooks and crannies inside out, the performance might be meaningless and efforts are benign if the trade cycle and conditions are not secured and depend on some element of unpredictability.

And here comes the glamour of the business model for majority of existing marketplaces. They like medieval businesses who used to dwell on brick and mortar models, are very much dependent on the inefficient heritage of the methodologies and processes put as the cornerstone of the marketplace. Hence, the fees payable to a marketplace are evident and one can’t avoid for the sake of existence of such a marketplace.

On the other pole of the B2C/B2B online business model stays the blockchain based marketplace that provides similar features for 1/5 of the cost you pay now and even more services and opportunities.

As we progress with our business, we would like to explore different opportunities and open up new goods categories and enter new markets.

This is what ModulTrade suggests to its clients — trade globally without any risk for a given price of 1-3% from your trade turnover.

The entire eco-system is built on blockchain solution electrified by a utility token MTRc.

The idea of developing an eco-system was deliberately studied and challenged in order to cock a very much balanced product that will consider the mistakes of the past and streamline the progressive technologies and underpin the untapped potential of the international trade connecting people all over the globe.

Hence, today ModulTrade is a unique eco-system that combines a tech-savvy and user-friendly marketplace — MT Market, a native instrument of payment — MT Wallet, a whole galaxy of different types of 3rd party trade-related service providers such as logistics, inspection and insurtech solutions, tracking, dispute resolution and many many more that finally designed and connected to make your experience unforgettable and beneficial for no more cost but 1% all in all.

Having said that, let’s focus on arbitrage opportunities that you may and should use to get 100% out dealing with the marketplace.

It’s true that the same product may cost differently in different countries, regions and territories. And we’re very much educated to understand the reasons behind such disparity. Now let’s try to look at the situation a bit closer to understand the where are the benefits for the seller and what should we do to get these benefits and monetise.

Randomly googling via the internet we’ve found that Tumi Alpha 2 backpack will cost $425 in the US and $488 in CIS (Ukraine, Russia you name it). Hence the price difference is over 15% that can be turned into arbitrage opportunity. And there are much more products available on the web with immense opportunities for trade arbitrage.

So the simple thing you have to do to make the above story alive is to register at MT Market and spin the will to your revenues. And don’t forget the more you trade the higher rating your receive that will impact your position and awareness on the marketplace and will turn into even higher trade.

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