How to set up a shop at MT Market?

How to set up a shop at MT Market and start your international trading desk?

 In order to playfully locate your product on MT Market and join the global trade you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Register your profile
  2. Fill in the profile details
  3. Place the goods in the online stall

While registering on MT Market, your transactions desk will be set up on MT Wallet. Hence you’ll receive 2-in-1 functionalities:

MT Market – marketplace profile where you may trade your goods and services or make purchases

MT Wallet – transactions wallet profile that allows the sending and receiving of the crypto, payment on to the smart – contract and crypto – fiat exchange at the later stage

  1. Product placement is a user-friendly and extremely native process that doesn’t involve any special knowledge or expertise:
  2. Click “Create a new proposal”
  3. Fill the following fields
  4. Name of the goods
  5. Goods or service details
  6. Description. Don’t forget to mention in the description that buyer has to take of customs clearance himself and you don’t provide a refund in case the buyer refuses to pay customs duties.
  7. Category and subcategory (should you have any doubt, select “Other”)
  8. Put the price for unit and currency (MTRc or ETH)
  9. Give available and minimum quantity for purchase
  10. Provide the validity date
  11. Select logistics company/carrier (or carriers) that will ship the goods and shift the bar for the days required to dispatch the goods after the purchase

In the case of carrier selection, it’s very important to tick the carriers that are expected to ship your goods. Based on your dispatch address and the address of your tentative buyer, MT Market automatically calculates the delivery cost for every carrier integrated on the platform.

 Complete the placement by clicking ‘Update’.

 Once the goods are displayed on MT Market, the buyer may buy the goods. He will be notified of the smart-contract creation. And then he is requested to deposit the dedicated crypto amount onto the address of the smart-contract to secure the transaction.

You’re going to be invited to ship the underlined goods after the crypto amount reaches the smart-contract. And then you need to provide tracking number of the shipment in a dedicated field that you’ll find in a notification.

Afterwards, the smart-contract independently monitors the delivery status and will automatically release the amount of crypto to your account in MT Wallet upon receipt and acceptance of the goods by the buyer.

Should you have any issue with the understanding of the process, you may always apply to our ModulTrade Support team that carefully services all users across the ecosystem!

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