How to take back control of your brand visibility leveraging on blockchain-based and AI-driven solutions


As an unintended consequence of e-commerce, many businesses are losing their end-consumers engagement, with their products and brands becoming a casualty of big platforms algorithms. In rethinking their marketing strategies for taking back control of their visibility, businesses should enter blockchain-based and AI-driven solutions into the equation. Leveraging on such solutions, they can change the game by disrupting the way end customers interact with their brand. ModulTrade’s ecosystem and the MT Market are a prime example of it.

As a famous quote goes, the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google. This also applies for e-commerce, where products and brands of many businesses are becoming a casualty of big platforms algorithms, now more than ever with growing volumes traded online.  Rather than being merely an SEO problem, this appears to be a problem related to poor marketing & PR of many businesses which, over-relying on some sales channels, are struggling to establish direct interaction with their end consumers.

In rethinking their marketing strategies, businesses should leverage on the innovation brought by the Blockchain and by artificial intelligence, which have significantly lowered the costs of establishing a direct 1:1 relationship with their end users.

Blockchain-based solutions provide businesses the opportunity to change the game and to disrupt the way end customers will interact with their brands, regardless of their size. Leveraging on such solutions, businesses can

Furthermore, businesses can boost sales and loyalty with AI-driven conversational commerce solutions, like the one which will soon be available on the MT Market, for example. 

  • AI driven solutions will enable businesses to automatically create all the conversation patterns needed to provide a rich and engaging experience to their audience. 
  • In this way, it will become easier for businesses to establish a direct line with their community via messaging apps, like Telegram of Facebook Messenger
  • This can add value to every part of the customer journey, ranging from when a customer makes their first order to answering a product-related question instantly.

In ModulTrade’s ecosystem:

    • A business can gain visibility in multiple geographies to new potential customers with a high propensity to spend, experiment with innovation and with high technological skills, simply by opening a webshop on the MT Market, ModulTrade’s blockchain-based marketplace. 


  • A webshop can be set up in a very few clicks, for free or with a monthly premium subscription plan, and it enables a business to:


      • Have its own online store 24/7 and multi-language
      • Easily create its own marketing community


  • Boost content reach and user engagement 


      • Establish connections with people, influencers, and many more globally


  • Start selling authentic products even without a banking account


  • With ModulTrade’s media and promo platform, a business can also educate end users and resellers to their product’s innovative features by sharing branded content.
  • Besides visibility, the MT Market is also an additional very cost-effective trusted sales channel (1-4.5% vs 8-20% of the traditional e-commerce platforms), which 
    • comes with escrow services via smart-contracts and with free payments in stable digital currency (A-EUR); 
    •  makes it easier to cut middlemen and to engage the end buyers directly thanks to its high trust (escrow + proof of authenticity).


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