Is it healthy to start work with a craft beer? Yes, if it has a story to tell.

The story is about how a Blockchain-based platform is empowering small local producers, overcoming e-commerce barriers and enabling them to sell their high-quality products globally

“L’Imprévue”, the beer I am sipping, is brewed in Provence, South of France, by a small local producer and it transmits all the beauty and energy of its native turf. It is a very small, high-quality local production.

If, like many other customers in multiple countries, I have the pleasure to taste it from where I’m sitting, it’s thanks to South Corner webshop on the MT Market.

1. Overcoming barriers to entry in the e-commerce business

You can inexpensively reach new customers globally with ModulTrade online shop as a service  solution

Pierre-Emmanuel, the brewer, was facing a typical dilemma of many small producers – investing time and resources in e-commerce to find a global demand or staying local. Unlike many of his peers who eventually stayed local,   he managed to affordably sell his products worldwide, thanks to his friend Laurent who brought South Corner and ModulTrade into the equation. 

In this way, Pierre-Emmanuel has been able to reach a global demand for his fine craft beers and to start selling them effortlessly.

2. Easy webshop set up

It takes a few minutes to have a turnkey webshop ready to sell, like Laurent did for his innovative business

From his 18th century farm under Mount Ventoux, Provence, Laurent Duboc has recently launched South Corner e-market, a crossroad where technologies like Blockchain open global markets to small rural producers, by leveraging on ModulTrade’s online shop as a service. His webshop was ready to go in a few minutes.

Using ModulTrade’s experience for defining his own business operational procedure (invoicing, contracts, supply chain, etc.), he could focus on onboarding local producers to help them export their organic traditional food products


3. Marketing support to start selling globally

You can inexpensively reach new customers globally and start selling in new geographies, by addressing a 5.5bln audience via social networks and blockchain communities 


With ModulTrade’s help, Laurent: 

  • defined a new digital marketing strategy for his business, easily building brand equity on social media and organizing paid advertising campaigns on digital platforms;
  • was able to sell in new geographies only few days after launching the shop.

“L’Imprévue” craft beer was part of the products placed on  South Corner webshop and I was part of  its happy buyers, together with a wide global audience.

4. Secure trade via smart contracts

You can trade securely and cost-effectively, also thanks to automated escrow via smart contracts 

The beer I’m holding in my hand was purchased to South Corner webshop on the MT Market, with ModulTrade’s automated escrow service via smart contracts. This means the buyers’ peace of mind of knowing that their money won’t go to the counterpart until goods are delivered, but it also means a much more cost-effective solution of managing risk, where overall sales commissions are 1%, vis-a-vis 8%-20% in traditional marketplaces. This was reflected in its price tag, better than a comparable craft beer in my Country.


In summary, the story this beer is telling us is a story of NextGen e-commerce solutions being used for solving trade problems and a story of technology being used to empower small local producers, dramatically lowering barriers to entry for global e-commerce.


To be fair, there is also another very interesting story “L’Imprévue” beer has to tell, but I can’t explain it here. I would rather leave the task to your own taste buds..

If you are a small producer and you would like to learn how to part of this story, you can drop Laurent a line

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