ModulTrade Future and 2018 Results

To tap a $10tn e-commerce market, ModulTrade has developed and launched a blockchain based ecosystem for easy, secure and low-cost global e-trade. Push to see a Pitch Deck

Great 2018 results:

On the wave of successful Token Sale, we have built the best place to buy and sell goods via Blockchain with more than 8,300 users by the end of 2018.

  1. Live products. Now with ModulTrade every businessman with a smartphone can learn how to trade globally on the MT Academy, open a WebStore in “3 clicks” at MT Market and pay cross-border 24/7 at ~0 cost in MT Wallet. They can discuss deals without language barrier via MT Connect and use integrated 3rd party trade services to execute trades easily.

  1. Growing network. In 2018 ModulTrade ecosystem started a world expansion. We have partnered with leading trade-related and blockchain projects (Augmint – stable token linked 1:1 to EUR, Luxochain – goods certification of authenticity, SolarCoin – solar energy ecosystem, and many more). We established ModulTrade footprint in West Africa with governmental institutions in Cote d’Ivoire to test MT solutions and to provide financial inclusion for small businesses in the region. And we are looking forward to being part of Luxemburg Fintech innovation hub in 2019.
  2. Proved concept and business model. In 2018 ModulTrade products were launched to the market, tested and improved based on the comments and feedbacks of more than 200,000 visitors. And by the year-end, the platform was accepted by the growing number of MT users – 500-700 new registration every month.

Set the base for the bright Future:

We will go step by step to tap a $10tn e-commerce market and to become a unicorn company by 2023. As a first step on the way to the large decentralized trade network, ModulTrade will become a marketplace of choice for the crypto-community. Further on, we will use this experience to play in the P2P market with our main target to become a home ecosystem for $10tn B2B and B2C trade.

Have a look at our updated Pitch Deck and learn more about what is coming in 2019!


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