ModulTrade Partners With Augmint to manage cryptocurrencies volatility risk

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with Augmint to unite efforts in the development of blockchain based trading networks with stablecoins to get rid of volatility risk


Volatility no longer seems to be the necessary evil of cryptocurrencies now that ModulTrade has signed an agreement with Augmint to unite efforts in the development of blockchain based trading networks with their stablecoins (i.e. crypto tokens targeted to a fiat currency), the A-coins.

Augmint’s A-coins will enable users to trade with all the benefits of cryptocurrencies (irrevocability, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and privacy to name a few), but without being exposed to FX risk, i.e. the risk related to changes in their value relative to fiat currencies.

ModulTrade will integrate Augmint’s stablecoins, into MT Wallet, making it possible for Augmint’s community to access ModulTrade’s services. Payment with A-coins for purchasing items on the MT Market – ModulTrade’s blockchain-based B2B marketplace – will be enabled shortly, thus making it possible to trade goods in cryptocurrencies without the cumbersome problem of FX risk. The first stablecoin will be the A-Euro, an ERC20 token which targets the Euro.

Volatility arguably is the biggest hurdle for cryptocurrencies mainstream adoption, whose removal would constitute a disruptive innovation in global payments, for the benefits of billions of citizens. The mainstream adoption of stablecoins would result in the completion of a mainstream valueweb, where it would be easy to trade and exchange value with smart contracts globally, in real-time, trustfully and without traditional barriers. With such mainstream infrastructure, other innovations which are currently suffering from global payments constraints, like IoT solutions, could easily gain ground.

Users and investors will benefit from the availability of stablecoins in the MT Market, and from the knowledge that they will be able to transact in a safe and secure environment via MT Wallet, from anywhere in the world, free from volatility anxiety for the first time ever in the crypto world.

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