ModulTrade Partners With Ihealthyou to Streamline Private Healthcare

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with Ihealthyou to unite efforts in the development of a healthcare value ecosystem to the benefit of patients, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and professionals.


Bacon’s quote “the remedy is worse than the disease” may no longer apply to private healthcare patients in their currently fragmented search for affiliated facilities and in their cumbersome payment process, after that ModulTrade has signed an agreement with Ihealthyou aimed at bringing the valueweb to healthcare.

Ihealthyou is an informational hub and marketplace founded by individuals who share a common goal of tackling the cross-border health mobility and providing patients with reliable easy access to medical care in Europe. Purposely, the main goal is to offer a concrete, innovative solution to the lack of available information about the European health systems and it helps users find the health facilities that better meet their needs. With ModulTrade, this solution will be taken to the next level by enabling multiple stakeholders, like patients, healthcare facilities, insurance companies, healthcare professionals to name a few, to interact and exchange value securely, cost-effectively and real-time within a new value ecosystem. This will be possible thanks to ModulTrade’s open-source, modular smart-contract platform, designed to enable third parties to easily develop their own smart-contract based marketplace and their own value ecosystem in a front-end with open integration with ModulTrade’s plugin.

Furthermore, this solution will also make health insurance more efficient and help incentivize its application and renewal. Insurance companies will be able to more accurately estimate future claims thanks to additional data provided with the insured’s consent. They will also be able to attain greater efficiency by streamlining processes like medical underwriting and claims. Leveraging on the smart-contract platform underpinning this value ecosystem, third parties will be able to easily develop additional apps.

An example could be an app enabling health insurance policyholders to track their body parameters with the Apple Watch or with other wearable devices and to be rewarded with a healthcare crypto token for their health-conscious behaviours. The earned tokens could then be used to have a discount on insurance renewal. Alternatively, they could be spent in affiliated facilities or transferred to other users. This will activate a virtuous cycle, ultimately rewarding healthy habits and decreasing the riskiness of the insured.  A win-win scenario for all the stakeholders who, in one way or another, bear the burden of people’s unhealthy habits.


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