ModulTrade Partners with Rigoblock to help users manage their tokenized assets

ModulTrade and Rigoblock will unite efforts to make token management easily accessible for everyone. By integrating Rigoblock’s protocol into ModulTrade’s value ecosystem, third-party developers will be able to easily build dApps for managing tokenized assets within the ecosystem. Such integration will also minimize barriers for entry for asset managers willing to set up and run a digital token pool, making it easier for all users to have their tokenized assets managed and to optimize their return. For better transparency and accountability, stakeholders’ interests will be aligned via GRG crypto token, which will be easily exchangeable P2P and tradeable in ModulTrade’s value ecosystem.

More information on how crypto tokens can be used in e-commerce 👉is available here.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokenization kick-started a new way of doing things, and they are opening a new world for asset management and investment. Against this background, ModulTrade and Rigoblock have established a partnership aimed at reshaping asset management with the ease and availability that technology allows.

By integrating RigoBlock protocol into ModulTrade’s value ecosystem, users will be able to manage their tokenized assets in a way that is both comfortable and rewarding, with a few touches on their smartphones.

  • Multiple token management apps will be available, as third-party developers will be able to build their own applications by leveraging on Rigoblock open protocol.
  • Lower costs for setting up and running a digital token pool will also imply a greater availability of asset managers and better odds of attaining positive returns.

The solution will enable asset management stakeholders to align their interests via GRG crypto token, bringing accountability and transparency to the digital asset management space.

  • Instead of fees being charged to contributors, token pool operators are rewarded via a novel proof-of-performance mechanism that distributes GRG tokens created via inflation, to positive performing pools.

GRG tokens will be easily exchangeable and tradeable in ModulTrade’s Value ecosystem leveraging on the MT Wallet, ModulTrade’s user-friendly e-wallet and on the MT Market, its high-trust marketplace with escrow services via smart contract and blockchain-based certification of authenticity.

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