ModulTrade to partner with Bitcoin Oggi – How can crypto improve business in Italy?

For a better knowledge sharing of topics related to trading over the blockchain in the Italian market, the MT Academy and its partner site Bitcoin Oggi will provide local contents for individual and merchant users.


The saying according to which information in the digital era is free, but in many ways restricted by its abundance also applies to the Internet of Value. There are many false stories and misconceptions circulating about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, ultimately scaring and discouraging people. When it comes to e-commerce, consumers and business often struggle to properly understand the benefits and risks implied in trading over the blockchain. But fear is a bad counsellor and could result in missing great opportunities. That is why ModulTrade launched the MT Academy, a knowledge base where users can learn how to trade worldwide profitably & securely. With the common goal of helping users enjoy their freedom to trade, contents are provided in English for the global audience and in local language for the local markets’ hot topics.

For Italy, local contents will be provided on the MT Academy in collaboration with its partner site, Bitcoin Oggi, an Italian information website on cryptocurrencies. Such collaboration will help Italians understand how to trade in an easy, secure and cost-effective way without an intermediary. Consumers will learn how securely spending their cryptocurrencies, while businesses will find the answers to their key tax & legal topics and much more.

Such kind of knowledge sharing could be highly beneficial for Italy, that has many crypto users and even more small businesses, which contribute to around 80% of the Country’s employment and for which traditional e-commerce is very burdensome. Ad maiora.

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