MT Arbitrage Competition Is Launched!

ModulTrade is announcing an open competition for finding the best arbitrage use case to be realized on MT Market!



Send us your arbitrage idea and win up to $1000!

ModulTrade is a smart contract, blockchain based global e-commerce platform that facilitates trading for MSMEs all over the world. We are looking for the best arbitrage examples that are out there and to find them we are launching a competition open for everyone!


1st prize is $1000

2nd prize is $500

3rd prize is $300

*will be paid in ETH in your MT Wallet

What is arbitrage? Arbitrage refers to the activity when a profit can be made by sourcing a product at one place and selling it at a different place at a higher price in a small time frame.

Let’s see an example: if I can buy silk clothes in Asia for $30 and I can sell them in Europe for $80 while the cost of transportation is only $15, then I can make $35 in profit with every piece that I sell. That is what traders do.

You can find more examples and a detailed guide on arbitrage here.

What are we looking for?

Send us an Arbitrage case example (a deck with 3 slides max) that presents the case which can be realized on MT Market, backed by details (where to buy such goods, where to sell, logistic options and other facts).

The criteria for evaluation of the cases:

  • feasibility to realize on MT Market,
  • profitability of the trade
  • how original the trade idea is.

Are you full of ideas? Awesome. You can apply more than once, just send us other decks with your other ideas!

Winners Announcement: 21st February
Please submit your ideas before February 18th

Please send your applications in an email with your slide deck to the following address: [email protected]

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