South Corner Shop is launching on MT Market!

It is a special week and we are truly excited to announce the official launch of South Corner shop on MT Market!


In a world of global commerce and homogenisation of the living system, getting real natural, traditional and healthy food is more and more challenging. South Corner value proposition is to provide you and family with organic food and products from small South France country producers and help those ancestral traditions and talents to stay alive.

Browse and try a wide range of carefully selected and exceptional quality, healthy, organic products. Olive oils, honey, wine and much more. Coming directly from local producers from the South of France.

Meet Laurent

Hello, I am Laurent.

I live in Malaucene facing the Mont Ventoux in the South of France. From my 18th century farm  it is a great pleasure for me to share the authentic values of the country producers, my neighbours, values that are important in our lives: Love of the soil, sustainability of the gifts of nature, and esteem of the job of the producers, of their traditions and their excellence.

We have to be honest: globalisation increases their pain as they don’t have the means to afford the challenges of the global market.

Partnering with Modultrade opens for us new horizons related to a global market with powerful, easy to use financial tools. SouthCorner is the crossroad where technologies like blockchain meet rural authenticity and help traditional local producers meet their global markets, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The outcome? Simple: Bringing for you, consumers, 100% natural healthy products at affordable prices. All is done in respect of the work, of Mother planet Earth, of you, consumers and of our children.


Learn more about the story behind South Corner and the local producers.  Choose and order your favourite products and enjoy the taste of Provence in your home!


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