The future of commerce is now: all you need to trade in the all-new ModulTrade website

The new ModulTrade website has everything needed for the NextGen e-commerce and payments, ranging from free and easy-to-open webshops and blockchain-based certification of authenticity & provenance to free real-time payments. In this article, we will explore its key features, which also include a payment card backed by crypto accounts – the MT Card – and the possibility to obtain loans linked to the Euro real-time, without cumbersome credit checks. 

ModulTrade’s offering now includes:

  1. Free cross-border payments in stable digital currencies 
  2. MT Card – Cash out & Pay on the Go with your BTC, ETH, A-EUR 
  3. Secure online purchases with escrow on smart contracts
  4. Free WebShops with all you need services and secure trades on Smart contracts 
  5. Free and easy option to arrange your own Auction 
  6. MT Check & Track – proof of authenticity and provenance tracking on Blockchain 
  7. Easy loans without a credit check 
  8. Buying & exchanging crypto with Bank Cards
  9. Monetizing and earning on your knowledge 

1. Free cross-border payments

Everyone can make and receive payments inexpensively, securely and real-time everywhere with the MT Wallet, ModulTrade’s native e-wallet- even for free in A-EUR, a stablecoin ~1:1 to the Euro.




2. MT Card

With the new MT Card, you can grab your coffee in a bar and pay it using your crypto account. 

  • With the new MT Card, everyone can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide or pay online and in stores with BTC, ETH, LTC & A-EUR



3. Escrow on smart contracts

People can buy stuff securely on the MT Market with Free payments in stable digital currency (A-EUR) or in ETH, knowing that their money goes to the seller only after receiving the purchased items, being protected by smart contracts

  • A smart contract is a computer protocol aimed at digitally enforcing the performance of a contract without third parties or intermediaries involved.
  • In the MT Market, Blockchain-based smart contracts act as escrow to make sure that the buyer will receive the purchased item and that the seller is paid upon successful delivery.

4. Free webshops

With free webshops available, businesses can more easily reach an international scale and disrupt the way end customers interact with their brand, ultimately taking back control of their brand visibility.

    • A business can gain visibility in multiple geographies to new potential customers with a high propensity to spend, experiment with innovation and with high technological skills, simply by opening a webshop on the MT Market, ModulTrade’s blockchain-based marketplace, completely for free or with a monthly premium subscription plan. 


  • A webshop can be set up in a very few clicks, for free or with a monthly premium subscription plan, and it enables a business to:
      • Have its own online store 24/7 and multi-language
      • Easily create its own marketing community
  • Boost content reach and user engagement 
      • Establish connections with people, influencers, and many more globally
  • Start selling authentic products even without a banking account
  • With ModulTrade’s media and promo platform, a business can also educate end-users and resellers to their product’s innovative features by sharing branded content.
  • Besides visibility, the MT Market is also an additional very cost-effective trusted sales channel (1% vs 8-20% of the traditional e-commerce platforms), which makes it easier to cut middlemen and to engage the end buyers directly thanks to its high trust (escrow + proof of authenticity).

5. Easy auctions

With the new auction functionality, everyone willing to sell something online can set an international auction in a very few clicks.


6. MT Check & Track

With MT Check & Track businesses can affordably reposition their brand thanks to blockchain-based certification of authenticity and supply chain tracking, ultimately disrupting the way end customers interact with their products and brand. 

  • MT Check & Track has  dramatically decreased the cost of providing proof of authenticity to the final buyers, enabling anyone with a smartphone to check product authenticity on the blockchain thanks to a hardware part and a digital asset (a non-fungible crypto token)
  • This ultimately creates a special engagement in the final consumer, resulting in a stronger brand positioning

7. Easy loans

Everyone can take out a loan linked to the Euro in a matter of seconds, without cumbersome credit checks needed. 

  • In the  MT Wallet people can now get financing linked to the Euro, in A-EUR (at 4.5% p.a.), instantly and without credit checks, thus maintaining a crypto position while receiving EUR or USD on their banking account.

8. Buying and exchanging crypto with bank cards

In the MT Wallet it is very easy to buy tokens (BTC, ETH and A-EUR) with bank cards and to exchange at the best market prices.

9. Monetizing and earning on your knowledge

Everyone has the opportunity to monetizing their knowledge on the MT Academy by sharing their knowledge and experience on e-commerce and payment over the blockchain.

  • The most valuable articles are rewarded in A-EUR on the author’s MT Wallet every two weeks, based on their number of  visualisations





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