The middlemen paradox and how ModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE) will Improve International Trade

Export agent, import agent, forwarding agent, clearing agent and shipping company — these are some of the components of the conventional process of international trade. If you’re looking for expanding the sale of goods to an international market then these are some of the middlemen, which will need payment, for the successful delivery of your goods. Apart from this, you cannot neglect the cost of packaging, labelling and shipping your items, to wherever you want to sell them.

These middlemen, along with increasing tariffs in some part of the world, like US and UK, make it very unfavourable to conduct international trade. Just because of a heightened import tariff on steel, the largest nail producer in the US may soon be out of business. These are just some of the limitations in international trade, trust between the two parties, bank guarantees and other such formalities that need to be filled, making it near impossible for a new person to enter international trade.

Sustaining the trade can be excessively expensive and eat up your profits quite easily. An effective alternative to these problems can be provided by the blockchain technology. You might have heard about the blockchain technology in relation to the cryptocurrencies. But, the technology is so much bigger than just digital currencies.

In the simplest of explanations, blockchain technology is basically a digital ledger that holds all the data related to the transactions of any system. In a way, it is just like the protocols on which the internet is built. You can build any system on top of the blockchain and it will utilize the characteristics of the technology. These characteristics include transparency, agility and immutability.

With the help of blockchain technology, international traders will become independent of the numerous middlemen involved in international trading. Consequently, this will lower the cost of the whole trading process. In the end, this will increase the profits of the traders, while increasing the quality of service that they provide to their clients and customers.

Role of ModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE)

With the currently available process of international trade, a trader has to separately go through numerous services and middlemen to successfully conduct international trade. This can be a confusing, difficult and uncertain process, because if even one component of the supply chain breaks or fails to comply with the requirements then your trade can halt. Even an hour of delay from your middlemen can mean thousands of dollars’ worth of loss.

To resolve this problem and to make the process of international trade much simpler, ModulTrade has come up with an ingenious solution in the form of ModulTrade Value Ecosystem (MVE). Just like the word explains, the company plans to develop an ecosystem that will fulfil the complete requirements of the international traders and provide them with a unified, single platform to conduct trade.

The four main components of the MVE are:

Blockchain Based Smart-contract Multi-sided Platform (MTP)

The MTP will be able to replicate the bank trade finance instruments such as bank guarantees and letter of credits. MVE participants will be able to acquire these services in a more cost effective and efficient way than the conventional services.

Trade Related Services

To replace the conventional and expensive trade-related services of transportation, shipment, financing, bookkeeping, etc. MVE will contain its own service delivery methods.

Trade and Reputation Network

This network will help participants of the MVE in making transactions between the parties that are involved in trades.


In order to promote growth and help traders find reliable counterparties from all over the world, MVE will also contain a digital marketplace.

The following image describes how the MVE system will simplify the international trade process and bring together all the different components, under one umbrella of the ModulTrade Value Ecosystem.

ModulTrade is changing the way international trade works by bringing together innovative new technology with the centuries-old processes. For traders, this will mean a more transparent, effective and efficient platform that they can use to improve their existing trades and bring in more business from all parts of the world.

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