Welcome to the MT Trade Network Program!

We are excited to launch the MT Trade Network Program that allows you to take maximum leverage on the opportunities that the ModulTrade products offer.


By joining the MT Trade Network Program, you can become an MT Trade Agent and make money by building up your own trade network, while being part of the creation of the next generation of global trade. 

Look at our attractive reward system!

Why should you participate?

  1. Global trade is changing. Make the change. Don’t follow it.
  2. Create the potential for small businesses to enter a cross-border trade. Empower them with the ability to trade globally.
  3. Make money on it.

How does it work?

  1. Open your global web store with a few clicks on MT Market.
  2. Use your referral links to build your Trade Network and onboard small businesses onto the platform.
  3. Generate trades.

What does the MT Trade Network Program offer?

  1. A new source of income
  2. Knowledge and practical use of blockchain in trade & finance
  3. Be part of the Global Trade Network of new generation people who make the change happen


MT Market provides great opportunities for those with entrepreneurial spirit and traders who are looking to capitalise on arbitrage opportunities.

Who is a Trade Agent?

Anyone can become a Trade Agent: it applies to everyone willing to onboard merchants and producers onto MT Market, acting as a trader or/and broker and making a profit.

What do Trade Agents do?

  • They attract and onboard sellers onto MT Market

  • Find and place products on the MT Market to sell them

  • Find arbitrage opportunities and execute the trades

How can you make a profit as an MT Trade Agent?

  • New user opportunity

  1. Share the word to your relative and network about ModulTrade’s platform
  2. Receive $1 everytime a new person creates an account on MT Market or MT Wallet using your referral link.
  • New goods opportunity

  1. Find new sellers who can post their own goods on MT Market
  2. Receive $100 everytime a new seller (registered with your referral link) post 7 products on MT Market
  3. After receiving the $100 reward, receive $5 for every 5 products posted by this seller
  • Trade activity opportunity

  1. 10% from the profit received by ModulTrade from every trade related to a Seller or Buyer that was onboarded onto MT Market by the Trade Agent.
  • Own webshop opportunity

  1. Create your own webshop on MT Market and start selling products globally.
  • Arbitrage opportunity

  1. Find a product with an arbitrage opportunity (as explained below). You can find some examples on MT Academy.
  2. Place a sale offer for this product on MT Market
  3. Help to find a buyer through our MT Trade Network
  4. Get a trade confirmation from the buyer and create a smart contract
  5. Once confirmed, buy the goods from the source with your funds, or with a credit from ModulTrade (further explanation on the next page).
  6. Send the goods to the buyer with one of our express logistic companies or a reputable logistic 3rd party
  7. Receive your payment automatically from the smart contract once the goods are delivered to the Buyer (and repay the credit if you used it)
  8. Be rewarded $300 per new example of cross-border price Arbitrage for goods

How do ModulTrade help Trade Agents?

ModulTrade products provide great support for Trade Agents to facilitate trading.


  • Provides visibility for the products up for sale
  • The smart contract technology behind MT Market provides secure and cost-effective transactions
  • ModulTrade provides financing in cryptocurrencies to execute the trade*.

          *You need a credit to purchase your good before reselling it?

  • No problem! Modultrade grants it through our Trade Network. The amount is provided in BTC, ETH or MTRc depending on your preference.
  • You can exchange this amount through our MT Trade Services into fiat money to purchase your good.
  • After having sold and shipped your good through MT Market, you will receive the payment as soon as the buyer receives the order.
  • Repay your credit with this payment. If you managed to sell at a higher price than the amount you borrowed for your credit, you made a profit!


  • provides an easy to use platform to exchange, pay and receive payments
  • allows the Trade Agent to easily obtain cryptocurrency by using his/her credit card


  • offers great educational materials that help Trade Agents getting started and improve their knowledge



Start as a Trade Agent.

Onboard merchants and users.

Make money on arbitrage opportunities.


Then take it to the next level.

Become an MT Trade Ambassador.


To increase your revenue, build a network of Trade Agents and become a Trade Ambassador!

How is the reward system built up?

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